Forbes Online has an article

Forbes Online has an article today that discusses TiVo and the slower than expected adoption rate of the device given all of the praise. Call it first-mover disadvantage:

“That’s really remarkable,” says Adi Kishore, a media and entertainment analyst for the Yankee Group in Boston. “I can’t think of any product that has had the satisfaction levels it has had but has been as sluggish in terms of the growth of the market. It’s certainly unusual for a product to have this kind of enthusiasm from the community that’s using it without being able to tip over and really become a mass-market phenomenon.”

Currently, TiVo, which hit the market more than four years ago, serves fewer than 800,000 subscribers. Only about 1% of America’s households employ TiVo or similar digital video-recording products, according to the Consumer Electronic Association. By comparison, market penetration for DVD players has hit 41% and is rising, making it one of the most rapidly embraced products in history.

But as Andrew Anker pointed out elswhere, TiVo is a feature, not a product. It should be built into TVs, DVD players, cable receivers, etc.