Scandal watch update: Mary Meeker

Scandal aside, the most over-the-top entertaining reading in the various brokerage documents is coming from documents related to Morgan Stanley’s Mary Meeker.

As you might have guessed, she comes across as a caricature: an abusive, humorless, wildly-competitive investment banker who sneaks up on companies disguised as an equity analyst. Even Meeker’s internal performance reports concede her equity picks are weak, and that she is a “dischordant” force — read: she shouts at people a lot — in the MS franchise.

Best part (so far) of the Mary reading is her self-styled annual report wherein she reports on herself for 1999. After battering the heck out of the rest of the company (insufficient resources, not enough tech focus, bad people, and on and on) and then extolling her own prowess as an investment banker, it is only mid-way down page three that she starts talking about how her stock picks went. Oh yeah, I’m an analyst!

Fabulous stuff.


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